Thai lottery 3up cut digit 1-Feb-2016

Cut digits for Thai lottery 1-Feb-2016 means numbers that have been salvaged from bigger results when various methods are applied. For 2-1-2016 tip paper the entry point of the sequence should be 200 to 800 chopping 0-100 as well as 800-900. By doing this the effective range is far more workable than the full sets. Volume decreases and the spotlight on the smaller section is useful. Thai lottery 1/2/2016 has 12 days and so that becomes my favorite Thai lotto down number.

cut digit Thai lottery 3up 2-1-2016
cut digit Thai lottery 3up 2-1-2016

Allowing the natural frequency of altering numbers that is in plain sight and picking those numbers is a huge thing to do. Specifically look at digits that are around on sign boards and any websites you visit and any statistical hints that come your way. They could be anywhere but they are there. Numbers are the very fabric of creation. “Thanthi” immediately in Thai 3 touch. 3 digit thailand lottery 1/February/2016. A deep explanation is not easy as somethings are just felt like the single touch digits 1-2-2016.

Thai lotto 1-2-2016 eventually matching down Tass paper

Value of Thai lottery open and close numbers in tails is between 10 and 99. The top 10 picks for the down numbers are as follows:
27 – 36
42 – 70
51 – 56
68 – 62
79 – 75
81 – 84
92 – 96
Each of the above pairs would include the next consecutive numbers. Also look for the three legged frog on the ticket that should greatly enhance the luck. A bunch of brass of gold coins, a couple of fish in Red or black and white are fortune bringing pictures.  The Chinese Thai use them everywhere especially in business premises.  In some games of luck they use scratch cards and dice any of these pics should be avoided while thinking of Thai lottery 1.2.2016. On an average one match in a year is definitely lucky. In western cultures a group of running horses and horseshoe is thought to be fortunate.  Personally I always felt luck flows out of green plants and moving water surrounding the house of the player.It is top of the rung stuff.

Thai lottery 3up cut digit 1-Feb-2016
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