Being Specific about Thai lottery 1 Nov 2015

Thai lottery 1 Nov 2015 tips are particularly suited to the 3up htf in 4 pieces. taking into account the most likely 3ups the numero uno paper that gives exclusive Thai lottery 1=11=2015 hints is prepared for the free consumption by the enthusiasts of Thailand lottery results that will happen sometime on November 1. 2015. Ludicrous claims of 100% sure numbers are only possible for the prize bond team. They are like james bond who gives 100% assurance of winning lottery numbers.

Thai lottery 1-11-2015 best 3up HTF
Thai lottery 1-11-2015 best 3up HTF

The cat is associated with good luck and bad luck in different cultures and here we shall deal with the relationship of these numbers to Thailand lotto 4pc htf 3up for Nov 1-2015. There are some sets and a viable tip formula for 1/11/2015 draw.All things being good or favorable the dominant theme should be 5 or 6 and not 2 or 3. Since The previous Thai lottery results the even numbers were springing surprises on every category. 4 was 2 times in the same 4pc sets.
Silly or chilly perspective should be used to see through the obvious haze of Thai lottery 11.01.2015.

Thai lottery tips from cat’s whiskers method

If the cat’s whiskers are counted and divided into sets of 3 digits Then that is thought of as a good clue in Thailand. Nothing goes to waste, including the license plate numbers from vehicles that appear in the line of sight. Usually the numbers on the license plates are four digits but a lot of 3 digits ones also appear and they are the clues, by noting these and figuring out the most common or least common numbers helps in getting the Thailotery 1 November 2015 HTF. Another method or formula is H=8, T=17, F=6. These 3up clues should be carefully sorted and then played. 8-6_1>>1_7-6>>6-8_1>>7_8-1. Try this set as well.

3up HTF paper 2 Thai lottery 1.11.2015
3up HTF paper 2 Thai lottery 1.11.2015

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Thai lottery 1 Nov 2015 specific tips
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