Thai lottery last draw for the month of March

The final results are on Thai lottery 03-16-2016. This would be the big one ending an old trend and beginning a new one. One shall wait with a long anticipation of winning this lottery in all the possible award categories. However the cute thing about this is people often leverage their stakes on simple less odds category like the down number in Thai lottery 16-03-2016. It is fairly certain that certain tass sets of Thai lotto pairs would be at an advantage.

I’m of the opinion that the best bets would be 652308 or similar for the jackpot, That is yet to be seen. In a couple of days we’ll know if this hunch stands. Thai lottery results 16-3-2016 are going to be extremely interesting mainly because of the possibility of change and appearance of alternatives to the dominating number 3. It could go both ways. For those who got numbers picked for the opposite trends would see a massive win in the next results about 48 hours from now.

Thai lottery 03-16-2016 one up on 3d?

Thai lottery 03-16-2016 one up on 3d
Thai lottery 03-16-2016 one up on 3d

These are supposed to be high frequency numbers for this date of draw in Thailand lottery results.
They way to see them is to account for the horizontal mix like 56 and the vertical such as 58. you could also see them diagonally, either ways they should be featuring in the winning set of Thai lottery 16/3/2016 result. When you check the complete result chart for Thailand lottery be sure to see if even single digits from the above Thai lotto paper 16.3.2016 has them. As for the 3up digits look at the center of the tip paper and the VIP Thai lottery 4 piece sets x2 are there.

The most often occurring digit or whole number is 6 and then 8. It is best to see if these or totally opposite numbers should be used to get a successful result in Thai lottery results on Wednesday the 16th March 2016.

What you didn’t know about Thai lottery results 16/3/2016

There are some digits which will not be winning in Thai lottery 03-16-2016 result when they will be announced on Wednesday 16 March 2016. The reason is that it has been noted that the same numbers don’t feature in consecutive Thailand lottery results. It happened just once in 3 years, unless this year is an exception and that may not repeat again. You must see Thai lottery Touch digits too.

Thai lottery 03-16-2016 March draw 2 -
Thai lottery 03-16-2016 March draw 2 –
5 in Thai lotto 16-3-2016
5 in Thai lotto 16-3-2016

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Thai lottery 03-16-2016 March draw 2
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